On Going Studio Recording

EP Part 1 is out for sale, and the studio work is on going. Matt is still working on material, which may appear for a second EP in the making. However the main goal is to get as much material ready for the debut album.

Many Different elements to the catalogue of songs under his belt at the moment, such as heavy rock songs to lighter indie style songs. Also slight country songs to blues songs.
Who knows what’s in store for EP Part 2.

Website Is Up and Running!!!

over the last few weeks MattJohnMusic.com has been under construction, but now it’s finally up. With the help from ReverbNation it has the latest news, shows, music, video’s, links for Matt John and it’s very own store.
Go along an check out the new website.


Kicking Off

It’s time to get this ball moving. I’ve started making my Music profile now and I’ve posted up a couple of songs. It would be great to find out what people think of them. I’ve started developing these tracks and I know they’re only demo’s at the moment, but I want to get them on an album. If you have the time, check them out and follow me on my network pages I have out there.
Thank you and see you soon.
Matt John